SkillScore: Online Skills Assessment Tool for Recruiters

                      The Skillscore test makes recruitment a cakewalk by making hiring easier, quicker, and precise. It is highly reliable, easy to obtain, and offers accurate results, which help to avoid wrong hiring costs. It includes 500+ IT skills,20+ coding languages, and 50+ upcoming skills, updated regularly.

                      Monitor Real- Time Skill Assessment Insights and Reports

                      Building the best team is no joke! The stakes are high when it comes to building a team that excels in competency skills, knowledge, and expertise. This is precisely why we offer you the best talent identification solution which combines our recruitment expertise with our knowledge and experience in the field.

                      Decision analytics

                      Prioritize candidates and hire
                      the right ones

                      For all Sizes

                      For 10 hires or 1000 hires,we can
                      set it up for you

                      Reduce dependencies

                      Evaluate candidates without depending
                      on internal resources

                      Candidate experience

                      Our candidate invitation vs / appear ratio is
                      way above the industry standards

                      Are You Convinced? Start a Trial Account Right Away?
                      Are You Convinced?
                      Start a Trial Account Right Away?

                      Zero In On Qualified Candidates With Ease!

                      An assessment platform that’s not just easy to use,but also customizable & comprehensive

                      Toggle Question Types

                      Bored of the usual MCQ patterns & long form responses? Use innovative question formats like logicbox, Coding simulator, File upload, Whiteboarding questions & much more!

                      Build Custom Tests at Ease

                      Create your own test with a cocktails of questions from our library or import your own questions or a combination of both.You can also setup test alignment but setting test type, cut – off percentage, question settings, message settings & more

                      Invite Away!

                      Once your tests are ready, you can create test links & email specific candidates. In case of bulk hiring,you can create an Open link URL which can be accessed by anyone who has it

                      Customized Performance Report

                      View comparative reports, use advanced filters, receive email insights & in-depth analysis under a single umbrella to make better hiring decisions

                      Real Time & Advanced Cheating Prevention

                      With real time images, video & voice proctoring, the system flags any suspicious activity during the assessment & minimized fraud especially during mass recriuting

                      Designed To Identify A Qualified Candidate by the Recruiter

                      Our skill assessment tests are focused on determining whether the candidates possess all the required skills necessary to meet the requirements of that particular job position. It helps in measuring the skills and abilities which are associated with the job activities.


                      Pay as you go
                      $ 299

                      (30 Test Credits)

                      • 3 Months Validity
                      • Email Support
                      $ 499

                      (60 Test Credits)

                      • 6 Months Validity
                      • Email Support
                      $ 999

                      (180 Test Credits)

                      • 1 Year Validity
                      • Phone Support

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